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Accelerate your B2B Growth

Whether you want to improve inbound marketing, accelerate demand, or enhance brand awareness, we've got you covered. Schedule one-on-one time with our fractional Marketing team to discuss your unique GTM growth needs.

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"Leila has been an invaluable addition to the CFA Society Indianapolis team, serving as our Fractional Marketing Director. Her deep understanding of branding and commitment to quality are evident in every project she undertakes. Not only does she deliver exceptional results, but she also ensures timely completion of her work. I eagerly anticipate the continued impact of her efforts on our organization's growth."





Quit spending money on Marketing without a plan. 

We specialize in marketing leadership and execution tailored specifically for B2B technology companies. 

Stop chasing reactive tactics that drain your resources and yield minimal results. We will be your single point of contact, to achieve tangible outcomes that drive growth.

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Work with Us

We provide strategy and execution, ensuring your marketing efforts align with your business objectives.


A winning marketing strategy involves various aspects such as brand positioning, product marketing, and team development. We provide strategic guidance tailored to your specific needs, ensuring alignment with your business objectives.

GTM Strategy & Execution

Drive traffic and conversions with a robust demand generation strategy. From SEO and paid channels to tradeshow planning and design, we offer tailored programs to create, capture, and convert demand effectively. With our proven track record of growing revenue-generating marketing functions, your go-to-market strategy will be executed flawlessly.

Product Marketing

Prepare for your next product launch with strategic product marketing. We align your product, sales, and marketing efforts to maximize impact. Ensure a strong first impression by clarifying your target audience, positioning, and crafting messaging.

Let's Chat

Schedule a conversation with our team and decide if enbloom is the right fit to help you reach your goals.

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